White Sesame seed白芝麻(500g)

White Sesame seed白芝麻(500g)

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Pure white sesame  is an anti-oxidant for anti-cancer and anti-ageing. High in omega 3,  which can help you boost your HDL good cholesterol to protect your heart and brain as well as balancing your hormone and mood. A great topping for adding to pork, lamb, eggs, rice and noodles or salad. 

Store in cool area, avoid direct sunlight or high temperature 


最高級之嚴選高質量純烘焙芝麻,無化學添加物,可加在有機雞肉、 有機羊片及牛肉等,飯、麵、意大利粉、雞蛋或沙律上。滋味無窮。抗氧化能抗癌及抗衰老;奧米茄三含量比橄欖油還要豐富,能幫人體增加好的高密度膽固醇,保護心臟及腦部健康,平衡體內知荷爾蒙及改善情緒,減低患癌及腦退化之風險!