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Professor Bernard Cheung and Dr Lo coach and share with us how & why we should monitor both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol

世界五十大廚師香港置地文華酒店法國餐廳主廚Richard Ekkebus出席支持我們可持續膳食的活動作指導與分享

Chef Richard Ekkebus from Amber, World #24 Best Restaurant, Tell you why you should join us to start eating sustainable...

我們的米之蓮大廚 Our starred chefs around the globe

pick the cleanest to support and present in our World Best Chef's Sustainable Table

"Food is Medicine"



We believe food is the most important medicine to sustain your health by minimizing the risk of having the top 3 threatening diseases around us i.e. cardiovascular diseases,  cancer and brain related diseases including Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia, ADHD, mood disorder ...etc.  Our founder, contributors, staff, partners and supporters are all suffering by those threats on ourselves or on our family members, thus, we all have experienced and felt very frustrated on how difficult to monitor and locate a right source of  clean "medicine" in treating us and our beloved family members in Hong Kong.  In fact, once you start it, you just need to keep the process going in order to maintain your life-long well beings to 100 - 120 years old. 

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